Condominium Roofing

Frontier Construction has been providing roofing services for numerous condominium projects for over 30 years on the North Shore and surrounding areas in New England. We are well-acquainted with condominium associations and understand the importance of working closely with property managers to ensure that each project is performed in a safe and clean environment with minimal disruption to the condominium owners. Our services include EPDM rubber roof systems, all sloped roofs such as asphalt, wood, metal, slate and engineered roofing products. We are a CertainTeed Certified Master Shingle Applicator and Certified RPI (Roofing Products International) EPDM Rubber Applicator and also implement OSHA safety procedures to ensure a work-safe environment. We also provide roof-related carpentry work such as fascia, rakes, gutters, siding repairs and painting.

Roof Ventilation

Roof Ice Dams

Ice Melt Systems

Roof Snow Removal

Gutter Repair & Installation

Roof Repairs

Chimneys & Flashing