Roof Ventilation
Roofs have two primary areas for ventilation. The first is the ridge, which requires a continuous ridge vent for the length of the ridge, and the second is the soffit in the eave area at the bottom of the roof. This allows air to enter through the lower soffit vent, rise and exit through the ridge vent. Some older homes may have gable end vents and if performing properly may eliminate the need for a ridge vent. By venting the attic cavity properly, this venting system will remove any moisture that normally collects in this area. In addition the insulation should be inspected for efficiency and proper installation at the lower eaves, where it could possibly block the air flow. Proper venting will solve such problems as (1) collection of moisture and condensation which create spores and mold; (2) maintain consistent temperature in attic to prevent ice dam build-up at lower eaves; (3) reduce attic heat build-up.

Roof Ice Dams
Ice dams generally occur at the lower edge of your roof, which may cause serious damage to your home. This occurs when melting snow on the upper roof runs down to the colder lower eave area and freezes, causing ice build-up resulting in ponding water above the ice dam, backing up underneath the roof shingles and penetrating into the house cavity. If a house is properly vented with ridge and soffit venting, the air temperature in the main attic, which generally is warmer, will be the same temperature as the normally colder lower eave area. This results in the snow on the upper and lower areas to melt at the same time, thus preventing ice dam build-up. Although gutters may not be the cause of the ice damming, they can contribute to the back up. Ice melt systems can also help prevent ice dam build-up.

Ice Melt Systems
The installation of a heater coil wire at the lower four feet of the roof, when activated will melt channels in the ice dam preventing water from ponding. The installation includes an exterior GFCI receptacle in the eave area with a pilot light switch on the interior to alert when the system is on/off. Metal or copper standing seam ice panels can also be installed at the lower edge of the roof for additional protection.

Roof Snow Removal
We provide snow removal for residential and commercial roofs. Snow is generally removed approximately 5 feet high from lower roof’s edge for ice damming problems. When snow is heavy on low-sloping and flat roofs, removal should be considered to prevent structural damage or possible roof failure.

Gutter Repair & Installation
We can repair or replace all types and sizes of gutters and downspouts whether they are wood, seamless aluminum or seamless copper. We can also maintain your existing wood gutters by cleaning and applying linseed oil for protection or cleaning and resealing your aluminum or copper gutters.

Roof Repairs
We provide all types of roof repairs including, asphalt shingles, slate, wood and EPDM rubber. Have you ever noticed how unattractive a roof is when the repaired shingles or slate does not match the existing color? When repairing your roof we will take the time and care to properly match the type and color of your existing roofing product to ensure the aesthetic value of your roof and home.

Chimneys & Flashing
When replacing your roof, it is critical that the chimney and chimney flashing are in good condition and water-tight. If the flashing is tarred or cracked, it should be replaced. If the chimney has loose brick or needs re-pointing, we can provide this service for you. If the chimney is in very poor condition we can also rebuild it if necessary.

We provide many types of masonry services including but not limited to chimney repair and replacement, fireplaces, stone walls, bluestone, limestone or granite steps, bluestone and paver walkways, stucco repairs, concrete floors and foundations.

We provide professional interior and exterior painting for your complete home. On your exterior we can also perform carpentry repairs such as siding, trim, window and door casing, etc. On the interior, we can also repair or replace your walls and ceilings, if needed, including sheetrock or blue board and plaster replacement. We will take excellent care of your property while work is in progress and provide you with the best products such as Benjamin Moore and California paints and Sikkens exterior wood preservative for decks and railings.